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Bludgeon, an upcoming local multiplayer game, is a death match between bird-riding warriors wielding flails. Evade the spikes and your enemies’ weapons in your feeble attempt to survive and become victorious. Grab some controllers and some friends, and prepare to be bludgeoned!

Inspired by games like Joust, Towerfall, Super Smash Brothers, and Bomberman, Bludgeon is being built with love, knowing there are few things more fun and worthwhile than a room full of friends enjoying a good video game together.



  • Simple but polished gameplay, centered around use of the flail – swing it, block with it, and throw it!
  • A unique, sensible control scheme.
  • Risk/reward based gameplay:
    • If you have your weapon out, you can attack, but it hinders your movement.
    • You can throw your weapon, but that leaves you temporarily defenseless.
    • Keep your weapon out longer for a super-powerful charged attack!
  • Up to four players at once.
  • Several characters and stages to choose from.
  • Pain and death at the hands of your enemies – or, if you’re fortunate, sorrow and guilt as an undeserving survivor in an uncaring world.




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